As I was walking in
The park one day
I chanced to run into
An angelorium.

Good morning, he said
I answered back, good day.
He was speaking Spanish
But I used French.

Dites moi, Sir Angel
Comment va monsieur.

He stretched out his hand
I grabbed his foot,
You should get a good look
At a real live angel!

As silly as a swan
As cold as a crowbar
As fat as a duck
As ugly as you.

I got a little scared
But I stuck it out.

I tried to touch his feathers
His feathers felt as
Hard as the hard
Shell of a fish,

Just think if it was

I made him mad
He took a swipe at me
With his golden sword
But I was quick and ducked.

That's the looniest angel
I ever hope to see.

I laughed myself to pieces
I said, goodbye, kind sir
Be on your way.

Have a nice day
Get run over by a car,
Get killed by a train.

So that's the story of the angel.
The End.


translated by Naomi Lindstrom
traducido por Naomi Lindstrom


en: revista Latin American Literary Review, 1981.



SISIB - Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades - Universidad de Chile