PhD in Philosophy, Aesthetics and Art Theory

Grado académico
PhD in Philosophy, Aesthetics and Art Theory
Área del conocimiento
Facultad o Instituto
Facultad de Artes
N° de Decreto
0014281 / 2001
Accredited by the National Accreditation Commission (2020-2025)
Pablo Oyarzún
Referential Cost 2022: 3.956.000.- *Non-refundable Referential tuition cost 2022: $149.000.- *Non-refundable


Marlene Miranda
Faculty of Arts. Juan Gómez Millas Campus. Las Encinas 3370, Ñuñoa, Santiago. Chile.
+562 29787515


First call for applications 2022: August 02 to October 11, 2021


This program is associated with the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities. The PhD program has two specializations: Ethics and Political Philosophy, Ethics and Art Theory.

The main objective of Ethics and Art Theory specialization is to develop the capacity of theoretical reflection and the original and independent investigation in his competence area at an international level of demand.

The base is constituted by the deeply study about relevant problems and doctrines of aesthetics and art theory, from a philosophical core and an interdisciplinary orientation. The theoretical approach to problems of arts history and attention to issues about Latin American and Chilean Art are encouraged likewise.

This program belongs to the “Red Nacional de Doctorados en Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales” and maintains different international linkages.



Versión español

Version français

Plan de estudio

  • Two overall curricular activities in which Aesthetics and Philosophy Seminar is a compulsory course, in the second activity the students must choose among seminars offered by Ethics and Political Philosophy mention.
  • Four compulsory curricular activities as a seminar of specialization. These activities are about aesthetic problems and arts theoretical problems and his history.
  • One elective curricular activity as a colloquium. This activity is destined to present and discuss the investigation advances of the doctoral students and works of the body of professors and guests. Every student must have presented at least one time during his stay in the program.
  • Doctoral thesis

The students must take a qualification test, approval of which is requirement to continue his permanence at the program; also, they must take a thesis project exam. The minimum regulatory duration to fulfil the plan of study is six academic semesters and maximum is ten academic semesters.

Requisitos de Admisión

  • You must be in possession of an academic degree, Bachelor or Master about philosophy, social sciences, arts or related areas. Additionally, you must provide formal background or take an exam to accredit the instrumental domain of a foreign language (English, French or German) and it requires a personal interview with the Academic Committee. The Committee could require too an admission exam or define curricular leveling activities.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the Spanish language

Required documentation

  • Two reference letters addressed to the Academic Committee of the Program
  • Application form
  • Copy of academic degree
  • CV describing education and aquired abilities in the field and academic activity (publications, teaching experience, etc.)
  • Thesis Project that shows de candidate research skils and knoledge on the PhD’s field
  • Health insurance declaration (international students)
  • These documents can be presented in Spanish, English or French and must be properly legalized according the Hague Apostle.

*The requested files must be uploaded to the application site:

First call for applications 2022: August 02 to October 11, 2021


-A 7% discount for cash payment will be granted to students who enroll in January 2022.

-A 3% discount for cash payment will be granted to students who enroll in March and April 2022.