Diploma de Extensión en British Cultural Studies

Fecha y hora
23/05/24 al 16/10/24 - martes , jueves - 17:45 hrs.
En línea (Zoom)
Departamento de Lingüística
Dirigido a
Estudiantes universitarios, profesores de inglés, profesionales en el ámbito de gestión cultural, periodistas, traductores, intérpretes, empresarios, internacionanalistas, etc.

The British Cultural Studies extension course provides an overview of British culture and history.  Students engage critically with British cultural texts, and in the process of exploring and articulating British themes—participating in the analysis of films, plays, and other texts, and engaging in classroom discussions—they also improve their research and communication skills.  The course also explores the evolution of the English language, from its Indo-European roots to its modern variations.  The final project consists of the writing and development of a play, to be read in collaboration with fellow students as part of the end-of-semester dramatized reading session.  The program is taught in English.   

We provide an opportunity for Chilean students to explore Britain, share their findings, and effectively communicate these in English.  It also provides creative writing techniques and cultural text analysis as a way to facilitate the incorporation of cultural content into the professional lives of students in an effective way.   

The BCS extension course includes the following modules:  

  • Early British History through Film (8 sessions)
  • British Cultural Studies (8 sessions)
  • British Literature (10 sessions)
  • The Rise and Fall of the British Empire (4 sessions)
  • The History of the English Language (5 sessions)
  • British Rock and Pop (8 sessions)
  • Modern Britain (10 sessions)
  • Playwriting (10 sessions)
  • Final Project Language Workshop (8 sessions)
  • Final Project Rehearsals (8 sessions)


Anthony Rauld.

Contacto: anthonyrauld@uchile.cl


  • Inglés Avanzado (B2*)
  • *establecido con entrevista personal

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900.000 + inscripción (50.000)