Master in Theory and History of Art

Grado académico
Master in Theory and History of Art
Área del conocimiento
Arte y Arquitectura Humanidades
Facultad o Instituto
Facultad de Artes
Isabel Jara Hinojosa
Inscription value 2019: $50.000 chilean pesos
Registration 2019: $139.200 chilean pesos
Cost 2019: $3.098.000 chilean pesos


Sra. Claudia Alonso, Program Assistant
Las Encinas N° 3370, Ñuñoa, Santiago - Chile
+562 2978 7516


The program is destined to contribute to the development of studies and research in Theory, History of Art, Aesthetics and Art studies in general. It seeks to develop competencies for research in these disciplinary fields, through training that consigns different methodological, theoretical, historiographic and critical perspectives. Promotes the integration of diverse disciplines in the theoretical reflection oriented to the knowledge of the artistic phenomenon in its historical evolution and its contemporary condition.


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Plan de estudio

The Program has an evening program and flexible curriculum, with semester curricular activities and is expressed in class hours and credit system. It is face-to-face, so attendance will be mandatory.

The Training Plan comprises a set of subjects grouped into two lines of specialization: the Art History line and the Aesthetics and Art Theory line, complementary to each other; both lines are made up of subjects from the area and other interdisciplinary ones that support the methodological and thematic orientation of the two main lines.

To obtain the degree, each candidate to Master must approve 102 credits, broken down into 5 compulsory subjects, 3 elective seminars, 2 student research colloquia and the Thesis.
Each academic semester includes 16 weeks, distributed in classes and other regular training activities (student research colloquia, compulsory participation, and seminars of visiting professors).

The maximum duration of stay in the Magister is 3 years

Requisitos de Admisión

  • You must be in possession of an academic or professional degree with a minimum of 8 semesters of duration.
  • The applicants will be selected according to their references.
  • Additionally you must complete the requirements of the application platform.

Required documentation

  • Application form
  • Copy of academic degree
  • CV describing education and aquired abilities in the field and academic activity (publications, teaching experience, etc.)
  • Thesis Project proposal
  • Health insurance declaration (international students)
  • These documents can be presented in Spanish, English or French and must be properly legalized according the Apostille of the Hague.

*The requested files must be uploaded to the application site