PhD in Electrical Engineering

Grado académico
PhD in Electrical Engineering
Área del conocimiento
Facultad o Instituto
Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas
N° de Decreto
This program was accredited by National Accreditation Committee for a period of 8 years, starting November 2011.
Prof. Patricio Mena
800 UF (programa completo)
Valor matrícula 2019: $139.200


Av. Tupper 2007 - Casilla 412-3, Santiago
+562 29784207


General objective

The program is aimed to train researchers and specialists in Electrical Engineering, capable of making scientific-technological contributions.

Graduates from this program will be able to work as faculty members or researchers in universities, research centers, and development companies.

This program is aimed to professionals in Electrical Engineering or equivalent degrees interested in doing research in topics that contribute to the development of this scientific & technological discipline. With emphasis in Energy Systems, Control, Computational Intelligence and Robotics (Intelligent Systems), Astronomical Instrumentation, Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Specific objective

To train high level autonomous researchers, capable of making proposals, lead and perform research that contributes to the generation of new knowledge in Electrical Engineering.

General description

Graduates from this program will be capable to work as faculty members or researchers in universities, research centers, and development companies.



Plan de estudio

The plan of studies of PhD program in Electrical Engineering consists in a sequence that considers the fulfillment of curricular activities by the Academic Committee, qualification exam, preparation of a thesis and grade exam.

The plan of studies of Ph.D. program in Electrical Engineering is made up of general and specific training courses as follows:

  • The approval of 120 UDs (teaching units) (equivalent to 72 credits in the in the transferable credit system.
  • General training courses 50 UDs (equivalent to 30 credits in the transferable credit system) and specific training courses 70 UDs (equivalent to 42 credits in the transferable credit system).

The general and specific training courses will be set individually for each student by the Academic Committee. The courses, both general and specific, will be established from a list of courses that will be considered valid for this Program and that the Academic Committee will keep updated. It will be possible to validate general courses from other departments or Universities if approved by the academic committee.

The Qualification Exam will be held in front of a commission proposed by the Academic Committee and appointed by the Director of the Graduate School. The passing of the qualification exam will empower the student to continue his Doctorate studies by presenting his Thesis Project.

The development of the PhD thesis, whose length is estimated in at least 4 semesters of exclusive dedication, must be translated into an original and creative contribution in a specific subject of the area of Electrical Engineering.
Thesis could be carried out in fields of control systems, energy & power systems, information and communications technology (ICT), robotics & intelligent systems, and astronomical instrumentation.

Requisitos de Admisión

The application to the program is made through the online application website at the following link

For this application process, the following documentation (in digital form) must be attached:

  • Certificate of Bachelor degree in Engineering or equivalent
  • Certificate of grades and relative position (academic ranking obtained during Bachelor degree)
  • Certificate of grades and relative position (academic ranking obtained during the Master degree in case it was obtained)
  • General plan of studies of the Bachelor degree, University degree, Master degree (in case it was obtained) that should contain the main topics of the courses, study plan, and objectives.
  • Academic history (only for FCFM Universidad de Chile students)
  • Motivation letter to enter the program that should clearly indicate the research areas of interest, full time commitment to the program, and if it possible indicate if you already have an advisor.
  • Two recommendation letters, written by previous professors or supervisors (downloadable form in the link below).

Original documents must be presented to the Graduate School at the time of enrollment.

The application process happens twice a year: in June (for starting in the second semester) and December (for the first semester).