Próximas Actividades APRU-UChile

First Meeting on Equity and Access in Higher Education 2014

The University of Chile proposes to host the inaugural APRU Meeting on Equity and Access in Higher Education and work on a three-year program and work plan. The objectives include establishing an Asia-Pacific network of major research universities on this area and identifying collaborations to address specific equity issues and providing an APRU platform for engagement with government, business, public policy and international organizations.

The conference will address conceptual and practical issues as well as best practices in equity and access at APRU member universities. Member universities are invited to learn from one other's experiences and approaches to equity and access. The dates for the conference are scheduled for April 10 and 11, 2014.

APRU members interested in finding out more about the APRU Equity and Access Program, the inaugural meeting or the equity initiative core group may contact



Multi-Hazards Symposium 2014

Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, hurricanes/typhoons/cyclones and floods are common threats for many societies on the Pacific Rim’s ‘Ring of Fire’. To address these shared threats, the APRU Multi-Hazards Program aims to build safer and more disaster resilient societies through education, research and partnerships.

To do this, the Program is working to harness the collective capabilities of APRU universities for cutting-edge research on disaster risk reduction and recovery, the sharing of strategies to cope with campus disaster risk management, and to contribute to international policy making processes on disaster risk reduction. In particular, the Program focuses on better strategies to deal with low-frequency high impact disasters. The APRU Multi-Hazards Program builds upon the strengths of eight APRU Multi-hazards symposia over the past decade in countries spanning the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’. The annual Multi-Hazards Symposium will be hosted by University of Chile for 2014.