2023-09-22 2023-09-22

Conferencias y seminarios

Waveguide QED with two distant emitters


Viernes 22 de septiembre de 2023




Sala F12

(Edificio de Física)

Charlista: Pablo Solano, Departamento de Física - U de Concepción

Resumen: In this two-part talk, I will first present an overview of the theoretical and experimental efforts we are making on different projects at Universidad de Concepción, to then focus on the particular topic of waveguide QED towards the second half of the talk. Waveguide QED presents us with a framework where quantum systems can interact over distances large enough that their communication time becomes relevant for their dynamics. This effect modifies standard quantum optics phenomena and has potential implications for quantum information sciences.


Departamento de Física
Mario Riquelme marioriquelme@uchile.cl