Academic information

The Academic Year

The academic year is divided in two semesters of 18 weeks each. The First Semester begins on the first week of March, ending in July. The Second Semester begins at the end of July, ending in December.

Visiting students may undertake studies for a maximum time of two semesters or one academic year, ending each period in a formal transcript to be recognized in their universities of origen. Visiting students are non-degree in Chile.

Fields of Study

The Universidad de Chile offers international visiting students freedom to select their courses of studies, according to previous academic experience and ability to work in Spanish, allowing them to request registration in any course offered during their stay.

Courses may include subjects in the natural sciences, engineering sciences and technology, agriculture, pharmacy, forestry sciences, chemical sciences and technologies, environmental sciences, veterinary sciences, social sciences, economics and management, political science, international studies, law, fine arts, music, architecture and urban planning, design, geography, languages and literatures, and humanities.