Call for Applications, English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI): Planning and teaching your subject in English

Fechas convocatoria

16 de octubre de 2023
30 de octubre de 2023

Información básica

University of Chile, Department of Graduate Education
Dirigido a
University of Chile postdoctoral researchers, doctoral students and academics who wish to teach their subject in English
Ciencias Sociales Educación Humanidades Salud Tecnología Ciencias Silvoagropecuarias Derecho Arte y Arquitectura Ciencias Naturales y Matemáticas

Universidad de Chile is pleased to offer this 9-week long blended online course for all academic staff (including PhD students) who wish to acquire the necessary strategies and techniques for successful delivery of their academic subject through English. 

The main goals of this course are the following: por ejemplos

• to develop an essential awareness of the process of academic internationalisation;
• to raise linguistic confidence by fostering ownership of English as a Global Language;
• to introduce innovative educational approaches applicable to the global classroom.

Course Content

• flexible and convenient online learning;
• interactive virtual learning environment;
• 9 hours of live sessions with the course instructors - Mondays 1:00-2:00 pm Chile time;
• 8 content modules supported by the latest research in the EMI field, starting November 2nd (with a welcoming Q&A Zoom session on October 30th);
• tailored materials and lesson planning resources;
• individual and constructive feedback.

Application Requirements

  • Participant Profile, detailing the motivation behind their application (Google form);
  • Participants should have a minimum of one year's teaching experience; 
  • Participants must be able to demonstrate an interest in EMI; 
  • Participants must be willing to attend a 15-minute online interview.


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