Call for Applications, English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI): Planning and teaching your subject in English

Fechas convocatoria

1 de abril de 2024
19 de abril de 2024

Información básica

University of Chile, Department of Postgraduate Education
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University of Chile postdoctoral researchers, doctoral students and academics who wish to teach their subject in English
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General Description

Universidad de Chile is pleased to offer this 9-week long blended online course for all academic staff and PhD students who wish to acquire the necessary strategies and techniques for successful delivery of their academic subject through English. Participants join a vibrant community of learners and educators from diverse backgrounds at Universidad de Chile and engage in a variety of activities and discussions that enhance their awareness and application of English-medium instruction. Throughout the course, participants will also have access to resources and support from experienced instructors, allowing them to receive personalized feedback and guidance tailored to their specific needs. By the end of the program, participants will not only have developed a greater confidence in delivering their academic content in English but also gained valuable insights into global education practices.

The main goals of this course are the following: 

  • to develop an essential awareness of the process of academic internationalisation;
  • to raise linguistic confidence by fostering ownership of English as a Global Language;
  • to introduce innovative educational approaches applicable to the global classroom.

This semester, the course will be offered online from May 3rd to July 3rd 2024, with two in person sessions: a welcoming session on May 2nd and a closing ceremony on July 9th. The course will provide an enriching and empowering experience, equipping participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in an English-medium academic setting.

  • flexible and convenient online learning;
  • interactive virtual learning environment;
  • 8 content modules supported by the latest research in the EMI field;
  • 9 hours of live Zoom sessions with the course instructors;
  • tailored materials and lesson planning resources;
  • individual and constructive feedback.

Course Content

The course requires a total dedication of 54 hours of guided learning, which are divided as follows: 10 hours of synchronous sessions (2 hours in person and 8 hours online), and 44 hours of self-paced study through the EOL platform. Weekly, participants are expected to dedicate 4-6 hours to asynchronous work and 1 hour to the synchronous sessions, held on Thursdays at 1:00 pm. 

Module 1. The English Effect. Objective: to introduce reasons and factors contributing toward English becoming a global language and a medium of academia. Main topics: English as a Global Language & Academic Internationalisation.

Module 2. Diversity of English. Objective: to introduce monolithic and plurilithic concepts of English and explore which concept is more dominant in the present day HE. Main topics: English as a Lingua Franca & Academic English.

Module 3. EMI within Academia. Objective: to gain an understanding about the relation between globalisation and internationalisation and their common impact on the key agents of higher education (HE). Main topics: Lecturers' Perspectives & Students' Perspectives.

Module 4. Teaching Models and Approaches. Objective: to discuss how traditional approaches with innovative ones can facilitate and promote successful subject content delivery in the EMI classroom. Main topics: Shifting Methodologies & Flipped Classroom.

Module 5. Interaction and Discussion. Objective: to explain how to maintain interaction in the EMI classroom by applying effective questioning techniques and meaning negotiation strategies. Main topics: Meaning Negotiation & The Art of Questioning.

Module 6. Resources and Materials. Objective: to provide a set of recommendations related to choice, development, adaptation and creation of teaching and learning materials for the EMI classroom. Main topics: Adaptation and Accommodation & Incorporation of Technology.

Module 7. Assessment and Feedback. Objective: to introduce assessment practices in EMI and propose other criteria for assessing successful course content acquisition. Main topics: Balanced Assessment & Constructive Feedback.

Module 8. Teaching through Videos. Objective: to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to produce a short, engaging course video to support the FC approach. Main topics: Instructional Video & Final Project Presentation. 

Application Requirements

To participate in the course, interested individuals must complete a Participant Profile, detailing the motivation behind their application (Google form linked). Additionally, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Participants should have a minimum of one year's teaching experience; 
  • Participants must be able to demonstrate an interest in EMI; 
  • Participants must be willing to attend a 15-minute online interview.